December 20 All Events

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December 20th, 2069 (December 20 2069)EventVespasian, formerly a general under Nero, enters Rome to claim the title of emperor.
December 20th, 2007 (December 20 2007)EventHer Majesty Queen Elizabeth II becomes the oldest ever monarch of the United Kingdom, surpassing Queen Victoria, who lived for 81 years, 7 months and 29 days.
December 20th, 2007 (December 20 2007)EventThe painting Portrait of Suzanne Bloch (1904), by the Spanish artist Pablo Picasso, was stolen from the Sao Paulo Museum of Art, along with O Lavrador de Cafe, by the major Brazilian modernist painter Candido Portinari.Pablo Picasso Quotes
December 20th, 2007 (December 20 2007)DeathNataline Sarkisyan, a seventeen-year-old leukemia patient whose insurer, Cigna HealthCare, refused to pay for treatment.
December 20th, 2006 (December 20 2006)EventA judge rules against the death penalty in the case of Naveed Haq, a man convicted in the shooting death and injuries at the Jewish Federation in Seattle.
December 20th, 2006 (December 20 2006)DeathShi Yuejun, Chinese serial killer. Executed.
December 20th, 2005 (December 20 2005)Event2005 New York City transit strike: New York City s Transport Workers Union Local 100 goes on strike, shutting down all New York City Subway and Bus services.
December 20th, 2005 (December 20 2005)EventUS District Court Judge John E. Jones III rules against mandating the teaching of "intelligent design" in his ruling of Kitzmiller v. Dover Area School District.
December 20th, 2005 (December 20 2005)EventThe first same sex civil partnerships in Scotland are celebrated.
December 20th, 2005 (December 20 2005)DeathManiam Moorthy, member of the first Malaysian team to summit Mount Everest
December 20th, 2002 (December 20 2002)EventUS Senator Trent Lott resigns as majority leader.Trent Lott Quotes
December 20th, 2001 (December 20 2001)EventArgentine economic crisis: President of Argentina Fernando de la Rua is forced out of office.
December 20th, 2001 (December 20 2001)DeathFoster Brooks, American actor and comedian (born in 1912)
December 20th, 2001 (December 20 2001)DeathLeopold Sedar Senghor, first President of Senegal (born in 1906)
December 20th, 2000 (December 20 2000)DeathMirza Ghulam Hafiz, Bangladesh statesman, politician, and philanthropist (born in 1920)
December 20th, 1999 (December 20 1999)EventMacau is handed over to the People s Republic of China by Portugal.
December 20th, 1999 (December 20 1999)DeathHank Snow, Canadian singer (born in 1914)
December 20th, 1999 (December 20 1999)DeathRiccardo Freda, Italian film director (born in 1909)
December 20th, 1998 (December 20 1998)DeathIrene Hervey, American actress (born in 1910)
December 20th, 1998 (December 20 1998)DeathAlan Lloyd Hodgkin, British scientist, recipient of the Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine (born in 1916)
December 20th, 1997 (December 20 1997)DeathDenise Levertov, English-born poet (born in 1923)Denise Levertov Quotes
December 20th, 1997 (December 20 1997)DeathJuzo Itami, Japanese actor and director (born in 1933)
December 20th, 1997 (December 20 1997)DeathDawn Steel, American film producer (born in 1946)
December 20th, 1996 (December 20 1996)EventNeXT merges with Apple Computer, starting the path to Mac OS X.
December 20th, 1996 (December 20 1996)DeathCarl Sagan, American astronomer and writer (born in 1934)Carl Sagan Quotes
December 20th, 1995 (December 20 1995)EventNATO begins peacekeeping in Bosnia.
December 20th, 1995 (December 20 1995)EventAmerican Airlines Flight 965, a Boeing 757, crashes into a mountain 50 km north of Cali, Colombia killing 160.
December 20th, 1995 (December 20 1995)EventThe Democratic Social Movement is founded in Greece.
December 20th, 1994 (December 20 1994)DeathDean Rusk, United States Secretary of State (born in 1909)
December 20th, 1991 (December 20 1991)EventA Missouri court sentences the Palestinian militant Zein Isa and his wife Maria to death for the honor killing of their daughter Palestina.
December 20th, 1991 (December 20 1991)DeathSimone Beck, French chef (born in 1904)
December 20th, 1990 (December 20 1990)BirthJoJo, American singer
December 20th, 1989 (December 20 1989)EventUnited States invasion of Panama: The United States sends troops into Panama to overthrow government of Manuel Noriega.
December 20th, 1989 (December 20 1989)BirthVirgilio Falco, Italian politician Virgil Quotes
December 20th, 1989 (December 20 1989)DeathKurt Bohme, German bass (born in 1908)
December 20th, 1988 (December 20 1988)EventThe United Nations Convention Against Illicit Traffic in Narcotic Drugs and Psychotropic Substances is signed in Vienna.
December 20th, 1988 (December 20 1988)DeathAlphonse Ouimet, Canadian television pioneer, president of the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (born in 1908)
December 20th, 1987 (December 20 1987)BirthTariel Zintiridis, Greek judoka
December 20th, 1986 (December 20 1986)DeathJoe DeSa, baseball player (born in 1959)
December 20th, 1984 (December 20 1984)EventThe Summit tunnel fire is the largest underground fire in history, as a freight train carrying over 1 million litres of petrol derails near the town of Todmorden in the Pennines.
December 20th, 1984 (December 20 1984)DeathGonzalo Marquez, Venezuelan Major League Baseball player (born in 1946)
December 20th, 1983 (December 20 1983)BirthJonah Hill, American actor
December 20th, 1983 (December 20 1983)BirthLucy Pinder, British model
December 20th, 1983 (December 20 1983)BirthDarren Sammy, St. Lucian West Indies cricketer
December 20th, 1983 (December 20 1983)BirthLara Stone, Dutch model
December 20th, 1983 (December 20 1983)BirthAdrian Varela, Mexican singer
December 20th, 1982 (December 20 1982)BirthDavid Cook, American singer, winner of American Idol.
December 20th, 1982 (December 20 1982)BirthMohammed Asif, Pakistani cricket player
December 20th, 1982 (December 20 1982)BirthKasper Klausen, Danish footballer
December 20th, 1982 (December 20 1982)BirthDavid Wright, American baseball player
December 20th, 1982 (December 20 1982)DeathArthur Rubinstein, Polish-born pianist (born in 1887)
December 20th, 1981 (December 20 1981)BirthRoy Williams, American football player
December 20th, 1981 (December 20 1981)BirthJames Shields, American baseball player
December 20th, 1981 (December 20 1981)BirthChris Edwards, British musician (Kasabian)
December 20th, 1981 (December 20 1981)DeathDimitris Rontiris, Greek actor and director (born in 1899)
December 20th, 1980 (December 20 1980)BirthAshley Cole, English footballer
December 20th, 1980 (December 20 1980)BirthFitz Hall, English footballer
December 20th, 1980 (December 20 1980)BirthTony, French-born Portuguese footballer
December 20th, 1979 (December 20 1979)BirthDavid DeJesus, American baseball player
December 20th, 1979 (December 20 1979)BirthMichael Rogers, Australian cyclist
December 20th, 1978 (December 20 1978)BirthGeremi Njitap, Cameroon footballer
December 20th, 1978 (December 20 1978)BirthAndrei Markov, Russian ice hockey player
December 20th, 1977 (December 20 1977)BirthSaukrates, Canadian rapper
December 20th, 1976 (December 20 1976)BirthJang Hyuk, Korean actor
December 20th, 1976 (December 20 1976)BirthAubrey Huff, American baseball player
December 20th, 1976 (December 20 1976)BirthAdam Powell, Neopets creator
December 20th, 1976 (December 20 1976)BirthRamon Stoppelenburg, world traveler and Dutch author
December 20th, 1976 (December 20 1976)DeathRichard J. Daley, Mayor of Chicago (born in 1902)Richard J. Daley Quotes
December 20th, 1975 (December 20 1975)BirthBartosz Bosacki, Polish footballer
December 20th, 1975 (December 20 1975)BirthJaydy Michel, Mexican model
December 20th, 1974 (December 20 1974)BirthDie, Japanese musician (Dir en grey)
December 20th, 1974 (December 20 1974)DeathAndre Jolivet, French composer (born in 1905)
December 20th, 1973 (December 20 1973)EventThe Spanish Prime Minister, Admiral Luis Carrero Blanco, is assassinated by a car bomb attack in Madrid.
December 20th, 1973 (December 20 1973)BirthCory Stillman, National Hockey League forward
December 20th, 1973 (December 20 1973)DeathLuis Carrero Blanco, Prime Minister of Spain (assassinated) (born in 1903)
December 20th, 1973 (December 20 1973)DeathBobby Darin, American singer (born in 1936)
December 20th, 1970 (December 20 1970)BirthNicole DeBoer, Canadian actress
December 20th, 1970 (December 20 1970)BirthGrant Flower, Zimbabwean cricketer
December 20th, 1968 (December 20 1968)EventThe Zodiac Killer kills Betty Lou Jenson and David Faraday in Vallejo, California.
December 20th, 1968 (December 20 1968)BirthKarl Wendlinger, Austrian racing driver
December 20th, 1968 (December 20 1968)BirthJoe Cornish, British comedian
December 20th, 1968 (December 20 1968)BirthPhil Andrews, British racing driver
December 20th, 1968 (December 20 1968)DeathJohn Steinbeck, American writer, Nobel Prize laureate (born in 1902)John Steinbeck Quotes
December 20th, 1966 (December 20 1966)BirthMatt Neal , British Race Driver
December 20th, 1966 (December 20 1966)BirthChris Robinson, American singer (Black Crowes)
December 20th, 1966 (December 20 1966)BirthMyrra Malmberg, Swedish singer
December 20th, 1965 (December 20 1965)BirthRobert Cavanah, Scottish actor
December 20th, 1965 (December 20 1965)BirthRich Gannon, American football player
December 20th, 1964 (December 20 1964)BirthMark Coleman, American Mixed Martial Artist, UFC Hall of Famer Martial Quotes
December 20th, 1963 (December 20 1963)BirthInfanta Elena of Spain
December 20th, 1963 (December 20 1963)BirthJoel Gretsch, American actor
December 20th, 1961 (December 20 1961)BirthMohammad Fouad, Arab singer and actor
December 20th, 1961 (December 20 1961)DeathMoss Hart, American dramatist (born in 1904)
December 20th, 1961 (December 20 1961)DeathEarle Page, eleventh Prime Minister of Australia (born in 1880)
December 20th, 1960 (December 20 1960)EventNational Front for the Liberation of Vietnam is formed.
December 20th, 1960 (December 20 1960)BirthNalo Hopkinson, Canadian writer
December 20th, 1958 (December 20 1958)BirthSteve Sailer, American political commentator
December 20th, 1957 (December 20 1957)BirthBilly Bragg, English singer and songwriter
December 20th, 1957 (December 20 1957)BirthMike Watt, American bassist
December 20th, 1957 (December 20 1957)BirthStephen Bicknell, British organ builder and scholar (died in 2007)
December 20th, 1957 (December 20 1957)BirthJoyce Hyser, American actress
December 20th, 1957 (December 20 1957)BirthAnna Vissi, Greek-Cypriot singer
December 20th, 1956 (December 20 1956)BirthBlanche Baker, American actress
December 20th, 1956 (December 20 1956)BirthJunji Hirata, Japanese professional wrestler
December 20th, 1956 (December 20 1956)DeathRamon Carrillo, Argentine neuroscientist and Public Health minister (born in 1906)
December 20th, 1955 (December 20 1955)EventCardiff is proclaimed the capital city of Wales, United Kingdom.
December 20th, 1955 (December 20 1955)BirthEd Kuepper, German-born Australian musician (The Saints, Laughing Clowns)
December 20th, 1954 (December 20 1954)BirthMichael Badalucco, American actor
December 20th, 1954 (December 20 1954)BirthSandra Cisneros, American writer
December 20th, 1954 (December 20 1954)DeathJames Hilton, British author (born in 1900)
December 20th, 1952 (December 20 1952)EventUnited States Air Force C-124 crashes and burns in Moses Lake, Washington killing 87.
December 20th, 1952 (December 20 1952)BirthJenny Agutter, English actress
December 20th, 1951 (December 20 1951)EventThe EBR-1 in Arco, Idaho becomes the first nuclear power plant to generate electricity for the first time. The electricity powered four light bulbs.
December 20th, 1951 (December 20 1951)BirthGilbert Montagne, French musician
December 20th, 1951 (December 20 1951)BirthPeter May, Scottish novelist and scriptwriter
December 20th, 1949 (December 20 1949)BirthSoumaila Cisse, Malian politician
December 20th, 1949 (December 20 1949)BirthCecil Cooper, American baseball player
December 20th, 1948 (December 20 1948)BirthAlan Parsons, British music producer and artist
December 20th, 1947 (December 20 1947)BirthGigliola Cinquetti, Italian singer
December 20th, 1946 (December 20 1946)BirthUri Geller, Israeli psychic
December 20th, 1946 (December 20 1946)BirthJohn Spencer, American actor (died in 2005)
December 20th, 1946 (December 20 1946)BirthDick Wolf, American television series creator
December 20th, 1945 (December 20 1945)BirthPeter Criss, American drummer and singer (Kiss)
December 20th, 1944 (December 20 1944)BirthBobby Colomby, American musician (Blood, Sweat & Tears)
December 20th, 1944 (December 20 1944)BirthJean Fergusson, English actress
December 20th, 1942 (December 20 1942)EventWorld War II: Bombing of Calcutta by the Japanese.
December 20th, 1942 (December 20 1942)BirthRana Bhagwandas, Former Pakistani Chief Justice
December 20th, 1941 (December 20 1941)EventWorld War II: First battle of the American Volunteer Group, better known as the "Flying Tigers" in Kunming, China.
December 20th, 1941 (December 20 1941)DeathIgor Severyanin, Russian poet (born in 1887)
December 20th, 1938 (December 20 1938)BirthJohn Harbison, American composer
December 20th, 1938 (December 20 1938)DeathAnnie Armstrong, US missionary leader (born in 1850)
December 20th, 1937 (December 20 1937)DeathErich Ludendorff, German general (born in 1865)Erich Ludendorff Quotes
December 20th, 1935 (December 20 1935)BirthKhalid Ibadulla, Pakistani cricket player
December 20th, 1935 (December 20 1935)DeathMartin O Meara, Australian soldier (born in 1882)
December 20th, 1933 (December 20 1933)BirthJean Carnahan, U.S. Senator
December 20th, 1933 (December 20 1933)BirthRik van Looy, Belgian cyclist
December 20th, 1932 (December 20 1932)BirthJohn Hillerman, American actor, Magnum P.I.
December 20th, 1931 (December 20 1931)BirthMala Powers, American film actress (died in 2007)
December 20th, 1929 (December 20 1929)DeathEmile Loubet, 7th President of France (b.1838)
December 20th, 1927 (December 20 1927)BirthKim Young-sam, President of South Korea
December 20th, 1926 (December 20 1926)BirthSir Geoffrey Howe, British politician
December 20th, 1926 (December 20 1926)BirthOtto Graf Lambsdorff, German politician
December 20th, 1925 (December 20 1925)BirthBenito Lorenzi, Italian footballer (died in 2007)
December 20th, 1925 (December 20 1925)BirthMahathir bin Mohamad, Prime Minister of Malaysia
December 20th, 1924 (December 20 1924)BirthCharlie Callas, American comedian
December 20th, 1924 (December 20 1924)BirthJudy LaMarsh, Canadian politician and broadcaster (died in 1980)
December 20th, 1922 (December 20 1922)BirthGeorge Roy Hill, American film director (died in 2002)
December 20th, 1922 (December 20 1922)BirthBeverly Pepper, American sculptor and painter
December 20th, 1921 (December 20 1921)DeathHans Hartwig von Beseler, German general (born in 1850)
December 20th, 1918 (December 20 1918)BirthJean Marchand, French Canadian trade unionist and politician (died in 1988)
December 20th, 1918 (December 20 1918)BirthAudrey Totter, American actress
December 20th, 1917 (December 20 1917)EventCheka, the first Soviet secret police, is founded.
December 20th, 1917 (December 20 1917)BirthDavid Bohm, American-born physicist, philosopher, and neuropsychologist (died in 1992)David Bohm Quotes
December 20th, 1917 (December 20 1917)DeathLucien Petit-Breton, Argentine-French cyclist (born in 1882)
December 20th, 1916 (December 20 1916)BirthMichel Chartrand, Quebec union leader
December 20th, 1915 (December 20 1915)EventWorld War I: Last Australian troops evacuated from Gallipoli.
December 20th, 1911 (December 20 1911)BirthHortense Calisher, American author
December 20th, 1909 (December 20 1909)BirthVakkom Majeed, Indian politician (died in 2000)
December 20th, 1908 (December 20 1908)BirthDennis Morgan, American actor (died in 1994)
December 20th, 1907 (December 20 1907)BirthPaul Francis Webster, songwriter (died in 1984)
December 20th, 1905 (December 20 1905)BirthBill O Reilly, Australian cricket player
December 20th, 1904 (December 20 1904)BirthSpud Davis, baseball player (died in 1984)
December 20th, 1902 (December 20 1902)BirthSidney Hook, American philosopher (died in 1989) Philo Quotes
December 20th, 1902 (December 20 1902)BirthGeorge Edward Alexander Windsor, Duke of Kent (died in 1942)
December 20th, 1901 (December 20 1901)BirthRobert Van de Graaff, American physicist and inventor (died in 1967)
December 20th, 1898 (December 20 1898)BirthIrene Dunne, American actress (died in 1990)
December 20th, 1894 (December 20 1894)BirthSir Robert Menzies, twelfth Prime Minister of Australia (died in 1978)
December 20th, 1890 (December 20 1890)BirthYvonne Arnaud, French-born actress (died in 1958)
December 20th, 1890 (December 20 1890)BirthJaroslav Heyrovsky, Czech chemist, Nobel Prize laureate (died in 1967)
December 20th, 1888 (December 20 1888)BirthFred Merkle, American baseball figure (died in 1958)
December 20th, 1886 (December 20 1886)BirthHazel Hotchkiss Wightman, American tennis player (died in 1974)
December 20th, 1881 (December 20 1881)BirthBranch Rickey, baseball executive (died in 1965)
December 20th, 1873 (December 20 1873)BirthKwan-Ichi Asakawa, Japanese historian(died in 1948)
December 20th, 1868 (December 20 1868)BirthHarvey Firestone, American automobile pioneer (died in 1938)
December 20th, 1865 (December 20 1865)BirthElsie De Wolfe, American socialite and interior decorator (died in 1950)
December 20th, 1862 (December 20 1862)DeathRobert Knox
December 20th, 1861 (December 20 1861)BirthIvana Kobilca, Slovenian painter (died in 1926)
December 20th, 1860 (December 20 1860)EventSouth Carolina becomes the first state to secede from the United States.
December 20th, 1860 (December 20 1860)BirthDan Leno, English entertainer (died in 1904)
December 20th, 1856 (December 20 1856)DeathFrancesco Bentivegna, Italian revolutionary (born in 1820)
December 20th, 1841 (December 20 1841)BirthFerdinand Buisson, French pacifist, recipient of the Nobel Peace Prize (died in 1932)
December 20th, 1838 (December 20 1838)BirthEdwin Abbott Abbott, English schoolmaster, theologian, and author (died in 1926)
December 20th, 1835 (December 20 1835)EventFirst signing of the Texas Declaration of Independence at Goliad, Texas.
December 20th, 1833 (December 20 1833)BirthSamuel Mudd, American physician (died in 1883)
December 20th, 1812 (December 20 1812)DeathSacagawea, Shoshone guide for the Lewis and Clark Expedition Osho Quotes
December 20th, 1803 (December 20 1803)EventThe Louisiana Purchase is completed at a ceremony in New Orleans.
December 20th, 1792 (December 20 1792)BirthNicolas Charlet, French painter (died in 1845)
December 20th, 1786 (December 20 1786)BirthPietro Raimondi, Italian composer (died in 1853)
December 20th, 1783 (December 20 1783)DeathAntonio Soler, Spanish composer (born in 1729)
December 20th, 1768 (December 20 1768)DeathCarlo Innocenzio Maria Frugoni, Italian poet (born in 1692)
December 20th, 1740 (December 20 1740)DeathRichard Boyle, 2nd Viscount Shannon, English military officer and statesman (born in 1675)
December 20th, 1723 (December 20 1723)DeathAugustus Quirinus Rivinus (born in 1652)
December 20th, 1722 (December 20 1722)DeathKangxi Emperor of China (born in 1654)
December 20th, 1717 (December 20 1717)BirthCharles Gravier, comte de Vergennes, French statesman and diplomat (died in 1787)
December 20th, 1629 (December 20 1629)BirthPieter de Hooch, Dutch painter (died in 1684)
December 20th, 1626 (December 20 1626)BirthVeit Ludwig von Seckendorff, German statesman (died in 1692)
December 20th, 1606 (December 20 1606)EventThe Virginia Company loads three ships with settlers and sets sail to establish Jamestown, Virginia, the first permanent English settlement in the Americas.
December 20th, 1590 (December 20 1590)DeathAmbroise Pare, French physician (born in 1510)
December 20th, 1579 (December 20 1579)Birth(baptized) John Fletcher, English playwright (died in 1625)John Fletcher Quotes
December 20th, 1566 (December 20 1566)BirthEdward Wightman, English Baptist preacher (died in 1612)
December 20th, 1539 (December 20 1539)DeathJohannes Lupi, Flemish composer
December 20th, 1537 (December 20 1537)BirthKing John III of Sweden (died in 1592)
December 20th, 1524 (December 20 1524)DeathThomas Linacre, English scholar and physician
December 20th, 1522 (December 20 1522)EventSuleiman the Magnificent accepts the surrender of the surviving Knights of Rhodes, who are allowed to evacuate. They eventually settle on Malta and become known as the Knights of Malta.
December 20th, 1494 (December 20 1494)BirthOronce Fine, French mathematician (died in 1555)
December 20th, 1494 (December 20 1494)DeathMatteo Maria Boiardo, Italian poet
December 20th, 1355 (December 20 1355)DeathStefan Dusan, Serb king and tsar (born in circa 1308)
December 20th, 1192 (December 20 1192)EventRichard the Lion-Heart is captured and imprisoned by Leopold V of Austria on his way home to England after signing a treaty with Saladin ending the crusade.
December 20th, 1022 (December 20 1022)DeathElvira Mendes, wife of Alfonso V of Castile (born in 996)
December 20th, 0910 (December 20 0910)DeathAlfonso III of Leon
December 20th, 0860 (December 20 0860)DeathKing Ethelbald of Wessex
December 20th, 0217 (December 20 0217)DeathPope Zephyrinus

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